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  StoneForest members have traveled around the world and played with groups and in movies such as- Incredibles 3, Bug Story 2, Zootopia, Star Trek, Rogue One, Inside Out, Coco, Spider Man, Toy Story, Sophia the first-(Disney), Fantasia, Josh Groban, Billy Sheehan, Wicked (Broadway), Lion King, Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, The Rolling Stones, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Supertramp, Santana, Colbie Caillat, Tower of Power, Hamilton,  just to name a few. 
Our music is beat driven and features many songs pertaining to whats happening in todays world. Such as the work place romance song 9-5 Lover, the coming to Hollywood Star song- Flexible, to the country beauty, Cold Cup of Coffee, plus the romantic Sweet Love and Party Songs- Two Cent Saloon, It's Just A Party Day and Eye Candy. The lyrical sensation Just Walk, results of getting caught cheating.                 Along with the fantastic- Is It Really Over.

Hear our new songs:

Promises: Her boyfriend keeps making these to her

Vacation: Lets just Party

 Blood on the Cross tells the story of seeing the world thru Jesus eyes during the bad time.

Newest additions: SHOES- a graceful journey with a shoe fanatic.

WEED FATIGUE- the song for todays High flyers- great sing a long song

Beautiful Latin songs- Just Walk, Flexible and Sweet Love-plus more coming soon. 

WHETHER YOU LOVE: POP, ROCK, HIP-HOP, LATIN POP, LATIN ROCK, SWEET SOUL MUSIC, we keep developing new original music. 
From smooth harmonies to rock the house down party songs. 
All original songs written by Dr. Elliott